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I’m from Scotland, I know bad football when I see it.

I never want to go anywhere that Carlsberg is a sign of affluence.

                                                                                                            Steven Hamilton


Stopped off at the Mix Point for a post run Star Beer. I always buy Star and embarrassingly sometimes Marcus insists on giving me a free beer and he gives me Carlsberg which is more than twice the price. I don’t like taking it but if you’re Scottish and turn down a drink abroad Alex Salmond goes round to see your mum and gives her a lecture about letting everybody down. And he insists on staying for cake. A lot of cake.

So, Gill didn’t want a post-run but pre-dinner drink and he gave us a couple of cans to take away with us. Gratis. On de ‘ouse.

When we opened the bag we found Faxe Strong Danish beers, a couple of 10 percenters. Not sure if he was being xenophobic but disappointingly, there’s no parks in Bo and, therefore, no park benches to make it an authentic experience.


Sunderland went for the Stadium Of Light, why not just call it the Maracana?

Bo stadium is coming on a tonne, the main stand is nearly finished and it looks great. But I can’t help thinking that they’ve got the working title and finished title mixed up. The sign on the Main Stand reads ‘Stadium In Bo’.


I’m from Scotland, I know bad football when I see it.

Went to the Sierra Leone Tunisia game, it’s a World Cup Qualifier, the two best teams in the group.

After 3 games Tunisia have 9 points and The Leone Stars have 5. Salone need to win to keep the group alive. Should be pretty exciting.

It really, really wasn’t.

Completely devoid of atmosphere and quality. OK, the pitch is awful so it was all very back to front but I’ve never watched a professional football match and felt that I wouldn’t have looked out of place. Watching Rangers in the Third Division last season I never, ever got the sense that I could step on to the pitch and do OK, I’d be found out inside a minute.

But here it was just get the ball and hit it hopefully upfield. They weren’t even trying to get it wide to cross it in. Or weren’t even managing. It was turgid.

Two all as well with Salone being two one up ‘til the last minute. If you read the match report, you would have thought that it was great. Excitement to the end.  It was awful. And youtube the Tunisia equaliser, that guy’s an actual goalie, I used to do better when it was revolving goalies and I was trying to let one slip in so that my turn was over but I was trying not to make it completely obvious.


Attack of the killer bees

The rains have started and the world of insects just absolutely comes alive. Giant cockroaches that really don’t look like they should be able to fly, things the size of small birds that make you glad to get under your net at night and amazing fireflies that look like tiny LEDs in the long grass.

What’s really amazing is that the conditions can be, at one point, just amazing for one specific type of insect and they are everywhere. And then the next day, gone.

Not the mosquitoes though, they stick around.


I’ve forgotten what cold feels like

I was out feeding the pups at half six, thought it was a bit chilly, realised I was just wearing shorts.


Doing the Mr Sow

I was on a motorbike with a girl (and a driver) and we got stopped by the police, as the policewoman walked over I told the okado driver ‘just drive off, she won’t have any bullets in her rifle anyway’ (that is true got that from a friend in the UN, they have guns just no bullets) think the girl was a little frightened so I told her she would be OK in the middle as it was a low calibre rifle. I think I said it quite convincingly as well.

Convincingly enough that she seemed reassured and he just drove off.

Wonder how much the odds change on me seeing 70, when I step on the plane home?!