The Bo Half Marathon

So, I’m doing the Makeni half marathon in aid of Street Child

which has been worrying me as I’ve never really done anything like this before and when I arrived here I was really, really unfit. If I had done any exercise in the previous five years then I’m really not sure what that was. Running for a bus perhaps. And I knew that I had been running a lot but I wasn’t really sure how much distance I was covering so it felt like I was doing a lot but, really, from what I was able to do in January anything felt like a lot.

Anyway, Gill went back to the UK and I borrowed her GPS watch. My first run was my standard Bo Rangers Stadium construction site run and that was about 9km door to door- or 8.5km door to Mix Point. OK Friday night run 8.5km, that’s OK.

Got up in the morning when it was cooler and decided to run to Kanga, that’s the longest run I have done so far, it seemed to be 6km out and 5.9km back (the statellites have moved Rodders) I was going to run on the spot for a bit then realised that wouldn’t work with GPS. 12km, OK not so bad.

Then at some point on Saturday I decided that if I couldn’t run a half marathon the next day I couldn’t do it at all. Not great logic, not even logic logic.

So, fuelled by the previous evening’s partially cooked pasta dinner (I ran out of gas, hopefully not a sign) I set out promising myself that if I could do anything beyond 15km then would be OK to get a bike home.

It’s quite cool at six thirty and I ran out 11km, and felt quite good, on the way back at 15km on the watch I was still feeling good by 17km the sun was fully up and it was really, really hot but by that stage getting a bike would have been a little embarrassing.

Can I get my money now or do I need to do it all again in Makeni?!

Anything at all that you can spare would be greatly appreciated, every little helps.  It really does.